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Zeki 1

Zeki is a gorgeous Anatolian, and was reported to be a street dog in Istanbul Turkey. She had been stabbed repeatedly in the genetalia and was rescued by caring souls who arranged to have her sent to the United States. After she recovered from her wounds, she was sent to us for rehabilitation. I had only one word for Zeki Diala (Turkish for Crazy in the head) when she got here, and that was SPAZ! When we entered the corral, she would come at us, standing on her hind legs, and just knock us around. She was horrible about grabbing hands and arms or legs and holding on. Not a visious grab, but still annoying and certainly not allowed here. And her street dog beginnings were very obvious, as she didn't back down from anything or any other dog. She was full of bravado and in the worst sort of way.

Zeki 6

Zeki is what I consider small, if her reported age is correct, but that is probably due to the conditions she grew up in, lack of food or care. After months of holding her around the nose to applying pressure to make her stay down, and to stop her from mouthing, I am pleased to say that we can now enter the pasture without being accosted by an overzealous Zeki. We wondered if we would ever be able to put her in a pasture with young goats, due to her being in high gear all the time. But, we took a deep breath and turned her out finally with some of the other dogs and the does. She moved too quickly through the herd, of course, but Rico put a stop to that very quickly. After several alpha rolls from Rico and Sancha, Zeki soon learned proper pasture ettiquete.

Zeki 4

As the months flew by, we began to see Zeki change into a guardian. We have watched her notice a strange dog at the fenceline. Zeki will streak across the pasture to accost the stranger and send it running. Yes, she is still very fast when she needs to be! I came home one day to find that a doe had given birth to twins, and Zeki was lying near them, keeping an eye on things. I thought it strange, as Rico normally does not allow any other dogs near the newborn babies. But, I soon found Rico near the barn with two does and their newborns. Apparently he felt he had his hands full, so he turned over some of his duties to Zeki.

Zeki 3

I have to admit I was thrilled to see Zeki being calm and quiet and moving gently and slowly around the babies. I was so proud of her, after all she has been through, to make it this far and turn out to be a true guardian with the heart of a warrior.

We have decided to keep Zeki with us. She is content and happy in our pasture, and we are very much happy with her work.