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Yukon 1

Yukon came to us as a pup from Dr. Phil Sponenberg. I have to say that I have been impressed with the pup from day one. He has such a loving disposition. We often find him in the middle of a pile of baby goats, napping with them, yet ready to spring into action if he thinks something is amiss.

Yukon is a Karakachan and his parents are from Bulgaria. The Karakachan is a rare breed that was almost extinct at one time, but with efforts from the government and dedicated breeders, these wonderful dogs are making a comeback.

Yukon is very vocal, and in the middle of the night, it is quite easy to pick his voice out from among the others. He is a talker.... and will talk to us often, the more excited he gets. He is quite amusing. And for all of his puppy behavior, he is still gentle with the goats, never chasing or harrassing. I have put him in to guard calves, and he handled that with flying colors. I have a feeling that he will be one of the dogs that I am able to put with anything and he will guard it.

Yukon 2