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Sokol 1

Sokol is a Tornjak (Torn - yak) who was born in Croatia. He was sold to a family in Canada, and though details are somewhat sketchy, we have learned that he was in 4 shelters and two homes before he came to us. From best we can guess, his first home was a pet home. He leads well and is very social. His second home was on a farm, but due to poor fencing, he roamed. It is also rumoured that he had savaged some sheep.

When we stepped forward and said we would like to take him in, we had no idea the world that was about to open up to us. I was in contact with Jennifer, discussing how to get Sokol here. I got a call from Dianne, who was checking us out, before suggesting that people help with transport. More emails from Jennifer and Patti, and with the shelter in Canada. Behind the scenes and not know to us until later, were the kind souls who are members of Newf.net. These people work hard to make sure that Sokol (known as Barry then) would get a good home, appropriate for his breed and temperament. I can't thank them all enough for the work they did in identifying this dog, and then taking the steps to make sure he made it home. How lucky we are to have found a whole new world of friends.

Sokol 2

As I said, Sokol is very social, loves attention, and adores Keevin. He and Keevin play football several times a week, and other times they lounge under the cedar tree just soaking in the day. It didn't take Sokol long to figure out that he was a guardian and that barking was a great thing around here. (he does like to howl at the sirens that he hears from time to time) We started him out in a small pasture with Rebel, but one night the mountain lion came calling and Sokol put himself in with my steers. He has pretty much claimed the steers as his own. He is also with the goats, and is learning to work with the other dogs.

He is a wonderful addition to our guardian crew, and we are happy to have him here. Another rare breed, doing what he was bred to do and glad to do it. I have no doubt that Sokol will be defending the goats with all the prowess and dedication of his ancestors.

And, we would again like to thank all the wonderful wonderful people at Newf.net who helped to get Sokol to us. You guys are the best group ever!

Sokol 6