Poyner Goat Company

Maia da Quinta de São Fernando (Maya)

What can I say of the beautiful Maya? She was imported to us from Portugal, and we enjoy her gentle and loving temperment. She has the kindest, sweetest disposition, yet is still able to be an effective guardian dog to the flocks.

Maya 1

Maya is the mother to the 5 puppies out of Rico, and she did a perfect job of birthing and raising her puppies. She is an impeccable mother.

Maya 2

Maya is not a dog that is in your face with her guardian abilities, but rather, she is more of a behind the scenes dog. You know that she is always about, but she is not one to rush to the fence with someone strange comes along. Maya is usually the dog that will take the goats away from the perceived danger, and stay with them until the danger is gone.