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Czaritsa 1

Czaritsa came to us at 2.5 years of age and had never worked with livestock before. At best, I hoped that she would at least be a formidable perimeter guardian, never expecting her to bond with the livestock. We have been pleasantly surprised by her in all aspects. She has taken to the livestock guardian lifestyle like a duck takes to water. She is gentle with the newborns and fierce with the predators. She has become a part of the pack, and moves with the livestock as they graze around their pastures. I am very proud of her progress.

Czaritsa 3

She is also very protective of her fenceline. While the carpenters were here to add on to our house, they were often curious of the dogs and would walk over to the fence to look at them while they were taking a break. The other dogs would move the goats away from the fence while Czaritsa stood her ground at the fence, barking and growling at them. If I didn't know her and love her, she would be a terrifying site!

For a two year old that has never worked with livestock, Czaritsa has come a long way very quickly and her natural guardian instinct has kicked in full force. She seems to love her job and we love her!